Saturday, September 24, 2011

This question is a most empowering question to instigate manifesting our desires…
As we know, most communication in life is non-verbal, and this query hones in on the power of our self-talk… The shape-changing influence it has on our lives.

Our internal dialogue is our external world: as we think, so we see… The mind is such a richly fertile field that whatever we focus on and how we plant our thoughts, generates sprouting seeds that will certainly flourish.  The quality of harvest is equally proportional to the quality of the thoughts and intent with which we sow.  

The mind is our garden and we are the gardeners is such a brilliant metaphor to describe the potent effect of our manifesting techniques.  It’s so wonderful to witness our gardens grow, as well as observe our neighbour’s gardens grow all around us.  We too are human flowers in the garden of life, and we all need life-giving elements to create the reality we desire. 

Fortitudes of life such as vision, belief, action, and outcome, are similar to our garden’s need for the sun, air, soil, and water.  Without the gardener first envisioning the plot of roses, believing in their growth, and then taking action in cultivating, the world would not be gifted with the presence of exquisite roses.  And as a result, all of us miss out on life’s full and manifold potential.

Our responsibility as gardeners on life’s journey is to be constantly tending to our garden, surveying the scenery and questioning how we wish to manifest growth.  This includes taking into account our intrinsic oneness with all gardens, what we choose to do has a consequence on all… making us Karmic Gardeners.  When we’re attuned to this energy, what is beautiful and harmonising to us, is life-enhancing for the earth and all upon it.  As a joyous result, the Universe supports our manifestation prowess, sending signals to assist us on our fruitful expedition.

I am a human flower manifesting all types of healing techniques to maintain my great health so I’ll walk freely again… Strong determination to fulfill my vision equals Right Manifestation… Other questions I need to focus on more intently are – ‘What would have to happen for me to achieve physical freedom?’  And, ‘What other creative possibilities are there to achieve this?’  Any ideas, anyone? Xox


  1. Hi Suzie,
    Your attitude is fantastic and very much what I believe in too.
    I’m a fellow writer – a very different style though. Think I’m too much of a realist to be able write poems.
    I read your article in the paper. What you are doing is brilliant and I wonder if you ever heard of “Dr Swank” and his diet therapy for MS? Apparently he was very successful with it …

  2. Thank you Dear Sandy for your wonderful message!
    i feel our connection and appreciate the wonderful energy you share with the world!

    Your website is great and congratulations on your book: Think Smart and Lose Weight.. An asset to anyone determined to acquire good health and mindfully maintain it!

    i have explored Dr Swank's diet (i even follow him on Twitter)... but, i don't eat meats or grains...... as i eat a Low Fat Raw Vegan diet.

    Thank you again for your care and input...

    Biggest Hugs of Gratitude of Love to You,

    Suzie xox :-)

  3. Hi Suzie,

    Thanks very much for the wonderful words. Great to hear you already know about the magic of raw food and Dr Swank. I’m trying to get that message out with the book I wrote.
    It’s absolute fantastic what you have achieved and what you are doing. Perhaps one day we can meet for a chat. That would be lovely.

    All the best and a big hug


  4. Dearest Sandy,

    Sorry for my delayed reply!!

    ~~ yes, yes.... it would be great to meet up!!

    Please email me if you're here on the Central Coast sometime:

    Big hugs of joy and connection to you too,

    Suzie xox :-)